Bob Williams The Ops Gent
I provide organisations, from Start Up to Blue Chip, with a world-class COO on a part-time basis.


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Audaces Fortuna Juvat
Fortune, Favours the Brave
— Turnus

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Start Ups

Chapeau to all you entrepreneurs out there, it takes guts and vision to do what you do. I will help you build your operations for growth, operations that have got your back while you innovate and develop. A little bit of grey hair around your table doesn't hurt, in fact can be one of the best catapults up for you


Established Businesses

Maintaining a business can be even more difficult that starting it, since plagiarism is the new innovation, your initial success is now the focus of attack as people copy your business model. Stay ahead with world leading operations and customer excellence so your customers and colleagues develop deep loyalty and relationships with you. And the small point of your expense and risk reserves lines reducing.


Whether it be Exit or Integration, your business needs to be well prepared to get the most out of the transactions. Above all of the financial engineering the value of the business and transaction is highly affected by good operational preparation and due diligence across the business. Early detailed preparation will guarantee much larger returns.


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