Bob Williams The Ops Gent
I provide organisations, from Start Up to Blue Chip, with a world-class COO on a part-time basis.

Success from within

Coaching Products for returns, growth and scalability

Chief of Staff - success from within; is a unique coaching service aimed at embedding a Chief of Staff into an organisation in order to release time from the CEO so she can increase focus and energy on proactive strategy, growth and business scalability.

Chief of Staff - success from within coaches both the CEO in how to get the most from a Chief of Staff and the internal hire to provide maximum support to the CEO. The coaching process fully embeds the role into the company culture and maintains a high level of momentum during the programme which dramatically increases the returns and how early they first realised.

The Chief of Staff role is highly proven in the Military, Politics and Financial Services industry. The tech giants regularly have Chief of Staffs close to the CEOs allowing them to evangelise the company’s vision, mission, culture and values through the company motivating the workforce and facilitating huge scalability.

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The Integration Director Role is largely under-utilised in many M&A transactions. The integration gap is statistically 70% of the full transaction miss when an M&A fails. Early implementation of an Integration Director can reduce this gap significantly. Integration Director - success form within coaches an internal candidate to amply fill the ID role and take charge of the operational goals of your M&A.

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