Bob Williams The Ops Gent
I provide organisations, from Start Up to Blue Chip, with a world-class COO on a part-time basis.



Triumph through Operational Excellence and Change

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Helping companies, large and small, win in a challenging market through strategic customer and operational excellence


Mentoring and Non Exec Directorship

Fanatical about creating value and success. I adopt a rigorous, but constructive, challenging to the current situation in order to tease out the opportunities but moreover the risks that could prevent those opportunities form being realised. The outcome being a clear focus to success with limited barriers.

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COO “as a service”

Have all of the energy, experience and talent of an international Chief Operating Officer on a limited time basis but with full commitment , responsibility and collaboration to your business strategy and goals.

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Clear, articulate and inspiring. Focussed intently on bringing key strategic subject to life for all members of the organisation, relating the subject clearly at all levels. Challenging but interactive in order to generate an early ownership and cultural spark.

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Genius is making complex ideas simple, not simple ideas complex - Albert Einstein.


We take the stress out of financial planning. Proin gravida ex id consectetur lobortis. Aliquam ornare, velit vel faucibus dapibus, augue justo.

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A Top 10 Service

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